Welcome to the Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi Tire Center

At Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi, we're drivers just like you. So we sympathize when we hear some clients who might consider timely tire changes an unnecessary expense. In actuality, changing your tires when its time can actually SAVE you money - by protecting the long term health of your car, truck or SUV. So when do you know the has the time come to change your tires? Read on to learn more

  • Tread Wear. Remember the old trick you were talk about burying Lincoln's head to gauge treadwear? It's stuck around for a reason. If your tires fail the "penny test," or have visible wear bars - it's time to for fresh ones.
  • Vibration. Peculiar vibration or other noticeable changes to your car, truck or SUVs driving response can also mean you're due for new tires. Driving on overly-worn tires can cause your suspension to be overworked - leading to a bumpier, noisier ride.
  • Cracks & Bulges. Any unsightly tears, cracks or seams in a tire mean it's about to go - if it hasn't already. If you notice some damage on your tire, bring it to us rather than risk a flat.
  • Waning Gas Mileage. Tires with severely worn or uneven tread can negatively affect your gas mileage. If your commute is suddenly costing you more at the pump - it might be time for new treads.

  • Visit Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi today. Our expert Tire Center will work in concert with our on-site parts and service professionals to keep your vehicle running as hardworking and efficient as you need it - at a price that won't break the bank. That's why we're Fredericksburg, Richmond, Dale City and Woodbridge's leader in everything automotive.