Sizing Up the Mitsubishi Mirage, Chevrolet Spark & Toyota Yaris

Versatility. Comfort. Connectivity. These are all features that are key to drivers Fredericksburg, Richmond, Dale City and Woodbridge when they go in search of a four-door hatchback. So why is the Mitsubishi Mirage their preferred choice? Because in terms of fuel efficiency, on-board technology, cargo versatility and passenger comfort - class-similar vehicles like the Chevrolet Spark and Toyota Yaris just can't compare. Read on to see how the Mitsubishi Mirage trumps the Chevrolet Spark and Toyota Yaris in more ways than one.

Mitsubishi Mirage vs. Chevrolet Spark

  • When it comes to saving money on gas, Mitsubishi Lancer is the clear choice. That's because its 40 MPG combined fuel efficiency rating is over five miles-per-gallon higher than Chevrolet Spark. In fact, Mirage tops the subcompact class average by nearly 10 MPG - meaning it's more efficient than the entire class of competitors.
  • Standard on-board tech like rearview camera and GPS navigation help Mirage drivers get to where they need to go quicker and stay safe on crowded urban roads. In Chevy Spark, you're stuck paying considerably more for an on-board navigation system and out of luck on a rearview camera - which isn't offered on any trim.
  • With over seventeen feet of trunk space, Mirage has the room you need to bring along everything you need to have fun. And with optional accessories, you can customize your cargo space to fit everything from the band's equipment to small furniture. It's just one of the ways Mirage's versatility tops the competition.
  • Speaking of the band - you wouldn't want to leave the keyboard player behind. Where Chevrolet Spark only offers seating for four, Mirage's generously sized cabin comfortable seats five passengers - meaning no one gets left out.

Mitsubishi Mirage vs Toyota Yaris

  • While not all parts of the city look the same, gas stations are pretty similar no matter where you go. Thankfully in Mitsubishi Mirage, you'll be seeing less of them. That's because Mirage boasts a combined gas mileage capability of 40 mpg - nearly ten gallons more per mile than Toyota Yaris.
  • Sleeker contour lines are on the only thing smaller in Mitsubishi Mirage when compared to Toyota Yaris - its bottom line is smaller too. The Mirage starts at just over $15K, making it $2K less than Yaris.
  • In terms of interior features, Toyota Yaris just doesn't make the cut. That's because it lacks a rearview camera, navigation system and keyless entry option - all of which are available in the more efficient, less expensive Mitsubishi Mirage.

You don't have to take our word for it. After you get behind the wheel, Mirage's array of high tech features, comfortable cabin and array of cargo possibilities is bound to convince you which vehicle is superior. Visit Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi today to explore terrific finance options on Lancer and our entire inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles.

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