Celebrating 100 Years of Innovation with the Upcoming Debut of the Mitsubishi Re-Model A

The Mitsubishi brand has a longstanding history to back up its engineering innovations. If one digs far enough back, one will find the original Model A. When it was first released in 1917, it was the first production model from the automaker, known then as Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company. Its success paved the way for the evolution of automotive craft. Now, it is making a return this Fall under the new name of Mitsubishi Re-Model A in celebration of 100 years of ingenuity.

The plan states that the Mitsubishi Re-Model A will have recognizable elements from its original body. But it will also have an Outlander PHEV chassis, revitalizing its performance. With a plug-in hybrid electric system, Super All-Wheel Control, Forward Collision Mitigation, and other modern technologies added to it, it will be introduced anew.

The project is to be completed by partnering with West Coast Customs. Experts will strip down the old Mitsubishi Model A down to its core, refresh its design with careful metalwork and integration of newer technology from the Mitsubishi PHEV, and thus create a showcase of Mitsubishi then vs. now. The expected completion date is this coming Fall.

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