Stay Connected With Mitsubishi

Cell phone technology has advanced tremendously over the past few decades. They used to be the size and shape of a brick; now they're small enough to fit in a pocket. They used to only make calls; now they take photos, browse the internet, play music, send texts, and maybe send the occasional phone call if you're feeling retro. Cell phones are an important part of everyone's life, and Mitsubishi knows that people are now more connected than ever. That's why the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage has available Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay let you link up your compatible smartphone to the vehicle's infotainment system via Bluetooth for greater connectivity. The available 6.2-inch touchscreen displays a simplified version of your phone's screen, complete with app icons. This lets you access your phone's music, use its map system, and make hands-free calls. You can even have your audio system read incoming texts aloud. Of course, not every app is available when linked up; playing Angry Birds while driving is slightly unsafe.

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