Introducing the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Although it was discontinued in 2012, we still sometimes miss the Mitsubishi Eclipse. That's why were we so excited to hear about the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, and why we were so surprised when we found out it was a crossover and not a sedan. Mitsubishi thinks that crossovers are the future, and based on how they sell around the world, we're inclined to agree. The 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The sleek exterior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse makes us take a second look, and that Mitsubishi style carries over to the interior as well. The large 8-inch touchscreen is great, and the inclusion of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay lets drivers stay connected wherever they go. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is a modern take that is inspired by a classic, a new car that never loses sight of its roots. We still wish the Mitsubishi Eclipse were around, but we think the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross might just fill that hole in our hearts. It will be released stateside sometime next year, and we just can't wait to have it on our lot.


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