3 Reasons Why We Love the Last 100 Years of Mitsubishi


Mitsubishi first started making their innovative and eye-caching cars in 1917. That's right, 1917. Which means this year is, of course, the car company's 100th anniversary.

To celebrate our favorite carmaker's 10-carat diamond anniversary, we here at Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi have put together our top three reasons to love Mitsubishi.

  1. Warranty. No other car company backs up their work with as extensive a warranty as Mitsubishi does. They care about their customers and put their money where their mouth is by guaranteeing that, if anything does go wrong with their models, they've got your back. In fact, Mitsubishi is so confident in the quality of their manufacturing, that they offer a 10-year/10,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty.
  2. Engineering. Despite the fact that they've been making cars for 100 years, the Mitsubishi car company is not standing still. In fact, they continue to innovate and produce models that push the boundaries of modern-day technology and engineering to this day. Case in point - the car company released the world's first-ever plug-in hybrid SUV just a few short years ago with their Outlander PHEV.
  3. Economical. While offering engineering marvels and the latest technology around, Mitsubishi has also remained committed to making their cars affordable for everyday drivers. You shouldn't have to spend a fortune or stray far from your budget to get a terrific car with all the latest amenities you want.

Celebrate with Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi

To really appreciate all of the wonderful qualities that have given Mitsubishi 100 years of success, stop by Shirlie Slack Mitsubishi in Fredericksburg. We have all of the latest models from the car company's lineup, and we have a nice selection of pre-owned versions as well.

Stop by Monday through Saturday and celebrate this milestone anniversary by test driving one of our stunning brand new models today.

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